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Options Window - Key Bindings

DAX Studio has a number of custom key bindings which can be set using this window.

OperationDefault Key BindingAlternate Binding
Comment SelectionCtrl + Alt + C
Uncomment SelectionCtrl + Alt + U
Run QueryF5Ctrl + E
Selection to UpperCtrl + Shift + U
Selection to LowerCtrl + Shift + L
Open DocumentCtrl + O
Save DocumentCtrl + S
New DocumentCtrl + N
New Docment (Current Connection)Ctrl + Shift + N
Format QueryF6
Format Query (alternate style)Ctrl + F6
Toggle CommentCtrl + OemQuestion ^
Select WordCtrl + W

^ OemQuestion is the key code for the comma (,) key


Note that there are also some global key bindings which cannot be changed. (eg. Ctrl+C for copy, Ctrl+A to select all, etc)