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v3.0.8 Release

· 2 min read
Darren Gosbell

Today we are happy to announce the release of version 3.0.8 of DAX Studio which includes the following fixes and Updates


If you are testing out the new Fabric Direct Lake mode you should upgrade to this version as it improves the performance of the metadata loading.


  • Improved metadata refresh against Fabric Direct Lake models
  • Include dynamic format string in Define Measure
  • Added winget publishing to release pipeline
  • Fixed #1130 added hierarchy support to Query Builder
  • Fixed #1135 allows for dragging entire tables to Query Builder


  • Fixed #1099 Rendering issues in View Metrics
  • Fixed #1104 assembly signing in automated build process
  • Fixed #1105 bracket highlighting for CallbackDataID in Server Timings
  • Fixed #1111 prevented multiple trace windows when opening files
  • Fixed #1119 Query Builder not saving if user has read-only access
  • Fixed #1120 clear any previous errors at the start of Server Timings trace
  • Fixed #1123 corrected spelling of Power Pivot
  • Fixed #1126 recovering multiple documents can set the wrong active document
  • Fixed #1128 right-click copy in results was incorrectly copying all cells
  • Fixed #1136 error when using data export to SQL and column name has square brackets
  • Fixed crash in hierarchy tooltip
  • Fixed crash reports
  • Improved autosave clean-up
  • Fixed display of database name when connected to PBI Desktop
  • Fixed bug in expand measures