All Queries Trace

Note: Tracing requires server admin rights, if you do not have these the trace buttons will be disabled

The All Queries trace in Dax Studio supports capturing the query events from all client tools (not just queries sent from DAX Studio like the Query Plan and Server Timings features do).

Because of the fact that Server Timings and Query Plan filter the trace events to only those comming from the current window and All Queries does not, you cannot run both types of traces from the same query window.

The ‘All Queries” trace is really useful when you wish to see the queries that are generated by a client tool like Power BI Desktop.

The following window shows a list of queries generated by clicking on some slicers in report in Power BI Desktop.

If you find a query that you wish to examine further you can double click on the query to copy it up to the editor.

Because the All Queries trace can capture a lot of events you may find it helpful to use the filter option to help find specific queries.

At the top of the All Queries tab is a small toolbar

From left to right these buttons are as follows:

Button Description
Start/Resume will start or resume a paused / stopped trace
Pause will temporarily pause the current trace
Stop will stop the current trace (the captured events will remain in the output window)
Delete will clear all the captured events
Copy to Editor will copy the content of the currently highlighted query to the edit pane
Show Filters will show/hide the filter controls
Clear Filters will clear any currently set filters