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Options Window

DAX Studio offers a number of options which users can use to customize their experience.


These settings control the display and behaviour of the main editor window

Font FamilySets the font used by the Query Editor paneLucida Console
Font SizeSets the default font size (in points)11pt
Show Line Numberscontrols whether line numbers are displayedtrue
Enable Intellisensewhether to display Intellisense options while typing in the query editortrue
Keep Metadata Search Openif this is true the search box in the metadata pane will always be displayed otherwise this option collapses to a small magnifying glass option in the upper right corner of the metadata panefalse
Convert Tabs to Spacesif this setting is TRUE hitting the tab key will insert spaces instead of a tab character. The number of spaces inserted is controlled by the Indentation Size setting.False
Indentation SizeThis is the number of spaces to insert if Convert tabs to spaces is set to TRUE.1
Intellisense Widththis option can be used to increase the default size of the intellisense dropdown window100%


These settings control if/how DAX Studio will use a Proxy server to connect to online services (like and crash reporting)

Use System ProxyIf set to true DAX Studio will attempt to use the Proxy settings from the operating systemtrue
Proxy AddressThe url for your proxy server(blank)
Proxy UserThe username for accessing the Proxy server(blank)
Proxy PasswordThe password for accessing the Proxy server(blank)


Block All Internet AccessStops DAX Studio from all external access. This option can only be set by an administrator during an 'All Users' install and overrides all the other options below. (and they will show up as disabled when this option has been set)false
Block Version ChecksStops DAX Studio from checking for and notifying of available updatesfalse
Block Crash ReportingStops DAX Studio from sending crash reports to the developer. There is a small chance that the screenshot of the crash could include personal information. Although you can untick the option to include the screenshot in the report if this is the case.false
Block External ServicesStops DAX Studio from accessing external services (such as We never send any data externally, but there is a small chance that query text might contain personal information if you were writing queries that filtered for specific information like Customer Namesfalse

Query History

DAX Studio keeps a log of recently executed commands (both successful and failed commands)

History Items to keepby default DAX Studio keeps a limited number of recent queries (Note: setting this number too high can affect the startup time for DAX Studio)200
Show Trace TimingsThis setting controls whether any trace timings are also capturd in the query logtrue

Server Timings

Highlight Vertipaq CallbacksHighlight xmSQL queries containing callbacks that don't store the result in the storage engine cache.true
Replace column ID with nameReplace xmSQL column ID with corresponding column name in data model.true
Simplify SE query syntaxRemove internal IDs and verbose syntax from xmSQL queries.true


These settings control the length of various timeouts for potentially long running operations

Server Timings End Event TimeoutThe trace events in the tabular engine are raised on a low priority background thread and occasionally if the server is very busy some events can be discarded. This setting controls how long DAX Studio will wait for a queries final QueryEnd event before it gives up and logs a warning. For high latency connections (such as Azure AS and the Power BI XMLA endpoint) you may need to increase this setting.15 sec
DAX Formatter Request TimeoutDAX Studio sends a background request this setting controls how long we wait before we consider the request as failed and log an error10 sec
Trace Startup TimeoutWhen DAX Studio starts a trace it periodically "pings" the server with an empty command. It then waits until the trace captures one of these requests before it considers the trace to be fully active. This setting controls how long DAX Studio will wait to see one of these "ping" requests before it stops waiting and logs and error. For high latency connections (such as Azure AS and the Power BI XMLA endpoint) you may need to increase this setting.30 sec


This setting controls the default Separator style used by DAX Studio.

SeparatorsThis setting can either be set to US/UK (commas as the list separator character) style or Other (semi-colons as the list separator character)US/UK
Run Stylechecking the Set 'Clear Cache and Run' as the default option will change this to the default behaviour for the run button next time DAX Studio is startedFalse


This setting controls the behavours of the various tracing features.

Legacy DirectQuery TraceThis setting controls whether tracing of DirectQuery Events is enabled for connections to servers with a version number earlier then 15.0 (SSAS 2017). For older servers the DirectQuery events do not allow per session filtering on the server so we have capture events from all sessions and apply filtering in DAX Studio. This places much more load on both the client and server which is why this option is off by default. If you need to enable it we recommend keeping any traces running for as short a time as possiblefalse


These settings change settings for the Results window

Font FamilyThis sets the font for the results paneSegoe UI
Font SizeThis is the default size for the results font11pt
Scale Font with EditorWhen this option is selected increasing the zoom factor on the editor will also increase the zoom for the results panetrue
Exclude Headers when Copying dataThis setting controls whether column headers are included when copying data from the results panetrue
Automatic Format ResultsThis setting controls whether the results pane attempts to automatically format numbers and percentagesfalse

Metadata Pane


This section controls what additional information is displayed in the tooltips for various metadata objects

Show Basic StatisticsThis will show statistics like min/max/distinct values for a columntrue
Show Sample DataThis will show a sample of 10 values from a given columntrue

Automatic Metadata Refresh

These setting control the bahaviour of the automatic metadata refresh

Local ConnectionsFor any connections to localhost (eg. PowerPivot, Power BI Desktop, SSDT)true
Network ConnectionsFor any connections to SSAStrue
Cloud ConnectionsFor any connections to data sources that start with asazure:// or powerbi://false

Hidden Objects

This section controls the visibilty of hidden objects in the Metadata pane.

Show Hidden columns, tables and MeasuresThis setting allows for the showing of objects that are hidden in the normal report viewstrue


This section controls the sorting of objects in the Metadata pane.

Sort Folders First in metadata paneThis setting will force folders to be sorted first in the metadata panetrue

DAX Formatter

Default Format StyleSpecifies whether DAX Formatter should favour Long or Short linesLong Line

Custom Export Format

CSV DelimiterThis controls the delimiter character used by the custom export format optionCulture Default Delimiter
Quote String FieldsThis specifies whether to always quote all string fields or whether to only insert quotes if required (quotes are required if the field value includes line breaks or the delimiter character)True