DAX Studio v2.15.0

Published: 28 Mar 2021

New Features

  • #559 Added a toolbar button and right-click menu to copy Server Timing metrics
  • #556 Added an option to play a sound after long running operations
  • Added “Duplicate Measure” right-click menu to Query Builder
  • Added Error events to All Queries trace
  • #568 Added right-click menu option in the editor to go to dax.guide for functions
  • #569 Added Function tooltip display when hovering the mouse over functions in the editor
  • Added setup cmdline parameter docs
  • Added SQLBI videos to docs
  • Added discussions link to website navigation
  • Updated Multiple Query Detection to work with // Dax Query in addition to // SQL Query comments


  • Adding extra checks around QueryEnd timeout in Server Timings
  • Close the Trace Layout ribbon tab when all documents are closed
  • Made ‘Add New’ disabled in the Query Builder if the current model has no tables
  • Fixed #458 added docs and tooltip to explain memory sizes
  • Fixed #517 updated clipboard bindings to allow for copying from the View Metrics tabs
  • Fixed #539 error starting traces when using Roles or EffectiveUserName
  • Fixed bug in retry for ViewMetrics when there is an error reading statistical information.
  • Added configuration to read statistical data for VertiPaq Analyzer. Disable reading statistical data for legacy versions of SSAS. Added retry logic and log of warning if there is an error reading statistical data.
  • Fixed #525 F1 and Context Menu to open dax.guide for functions
  • Fixed server timings trace for PowerPivot
  • Fixed drag drop issues with QueryBuilder
  • Fixed #514 Server Trace not working in Excel
  • Fixed #520 option to not truncate tables was not working when exporting to SQL Server
  • Fixed #511 Excessive metadata refreshes was causing metadata pane to collapse
  • Fixed #512 fixed Table tooltip warnings and added measure count
  • Fixed #546 corrected wording in error message
  • Fixed #549 correctly escape connection string values containing special characters
  • Fixed #557 delimiter error on Clear Cache when using non-US delimiter style
  • Fixed a bug with the Roles parameter in the advanced connection properties not accepting spaces
  • Fixed #563 metadata incorrectly resetting when using a combination of mouse selection and query builder hotkeys
  • Fixed #564 Application crashes when clicking on a ribbon tab while the ribbon is collapsed
  • Fixed crash when resetting key bindings
  • Fixed #575 autocomplete sometimes stops working
  • Disabled the Add Measure button when connected to a model with no tables
  • Fixed #576 Editing an existing Measure in Query Builder against PowerPivot causes a crash

DAX Studio 2.14.1

Published: 18 Jan 2021

Includes all the updates from v2.14.0


  • Fixed #509 - critical issue with the Excel Addin that causes it to fail to load

DAX Studio 2.14.0

Published: 18 Jan 2021


  • Added help text when the edit control is empty
  • Added privacy settings
  • Added options for improving the readability of the xmSQL in Server Timings
  • Added “Multiple Queries Detected” dialog when pasting in queries from Power BI Performance Analyzer that came from a Composite model
  • Help Ribbon updates
    • Updating link in help ribbon to Analysis Services forum
    • Adding link to Discussions https://github.com/daxstudio/daxstudio/discussions
  • Query Builder moved out of preview status
  • Benchmarking moved out of preview status
  • Enabled Discussions on the github site
  • Adding Query Builder documentation to daxstudio.org
  • Updating AdomdClient and TOM references to v19.14
  • Added retry logic when fetching Database and Model lists
  • #450 Last Updated is now shown in local time instead of UTC
  • Added keyboard short cuts in metadata pane to work with Query Builder
  • #492 added description to function tooltip


  • Fixed crash when doing Replace All with an invalid RegEx expression
  • Fixed crash when clicking Refresh Metadata after connection has dropped
  • Fixed #469 Server Timings busy spinner was activating incorrectly when doing Clear Cache
  • Fixed #467 Database Name was being incorrectly injected into all new connections when DAX Studio was opened from External Tools in Power BI Desktop
  • Fixed #466 PBI XMLA connections not being parsed correctly
  • Fixed #457 crashing on startup after setting view hidden objects = false in options
  • Fixed #356 Clear Cache throwing errors against PBI XMLA endpoint
  • Fixed #449 Connection lost during Benchmarking
  • Fixed a trace timeout issue when connecting to PBI XMLA endpoint (sometimes it is still necessary to increase the default timeout to 90 seconds or more)
  • Query Builder
    • Fixed a bug when filtering dates that reported an error parsing an empty string
    • Added the ability to drag KPI components into the Query Builder
    • Fixed a crash when trying to alter the expression for a dynamic format string for a calculation group item
  • Fixed hang when pasting in code with extremely long lines (tens of thousands of characters)
  • Fixed #451 up/down keys not work consistently
  • Fixed #446 Aggregate rewrite events causing an error
  • Fixed #444 to use correct culture in csv export
  • Fixed #445 defaulting the selected model to the base model not the first perspective
  • Fixed an issue with the trace layout options not displaying
  • Fixed a bug with swap delimiters feature and block comments
  • Apply a number of small fixes that should address some issues that came in via crash reports, but these reports were all submitted anonymously so for many of them it is impossible to verify that the fix has worked as we have no steps to reproduce the issue and the fix is based on assumptions of the cause of the issue.
  • Fixed drag/drop of text not working within editor
  • Fixed #475 proxy auth error when entering AAD credentials
  • Fixed #485 Swap delimiters incorrectly affecting functions with periods in the name
  • Fixed #486 Define Measure not using Separator specified in Options
  • Fixed #497 Define Measures not working when connected to a model with active translations
  • Fixed #499 Added table name when querying for column references
  • Fixed #501 avoiding bug with EXCEPT function in Query Builder

DAX Studio v2.13.1

Published: 21 Oct 2020


  • #442 Crash when opening New Measure or Edit Measure in Query Builder
  • #440 Extended time out for clean up of temporary odc files

DAX Studio v2.13

Published: 20 Oct 2020

New / Enhanced

  • Added native Excel output so that the Dynamic and Static Excel outputs are always available (event when running outside of Excel)
  • #340 Added “Clipboard” as an output target
  • Re-write of the connection handling to incorporate a retry mechanism if the connection gets dropped
  • View Metrics
    • Fixed Sorting in View Metrics table view to do a nested sort
    • Changed Sorting in View Metrics to sort Descending on first click
    • Added “loading” status to View Metrics
    • View Metrics - Fixed KB/MB/GB (it was lowercase, which is for bits not bytes)
    • Enhancement #403 View Metrics - added tooltips, loading indicator, fixed default sort
  • Query Builder
    • Improved the query patterns generated by the Query Builder
    • Added Between/In/Not In filter types to Query Builder
  • New Options view with search and categories to make finding options easier
  • Export Data now uses TOPNSKIP in million row batches allowing for the export of massive data sets
  • Enhancement #385 added an option to prompt before refreshing metadata
  • Changed default Text file output to UTF-8 csv
  • Renamed “Excel” button to “Analyze in Excel” in External Tools
  • Added a check that the portable version is not in a restricted folder


  • Fixed #400 duplicate New option in customize Quick Access Toolbar
  • Fixed #401 unable to re-show Power BI Performance window after hiding it
  • Fixed #405 & #415 incorrectly trying to write external tools file when doing a non-admin install
  • Fixed crashes when right-clicking on certain tool windows
  • Fixed #411 Export to csv not quoting strings
  • Fixed #404 improved code completion interactions
  • Fixed #424 Parameter parsing in table constructors
  • Fixed #419 View Metrics error against PowerPivot models

DAX Studio 2.12.2

Published: 03 Aug 2020


#398 Exception thrown on startup. Only occurs when there is no history of previous data sources.

DAX Studio 2.12.1

Published: 03 Aug 2020

New Features

  • Pasting a connection string into the server name will parse out the Data Source and Initial Catalog settings


  • #391 - issues when copying Power BI Performance data and pasting into Excel
  • #393 - application crashed if you attempted to open the Initial Catalog list before specifying a server
  • #394 - output to text file was not working for multiple results sets
  • #397 - “All Queries” trace was not working against PowerPivot connections

DAX Studio 2.12.0

Published: 27 Jul 2020

New Features

  • Installer now signed with an EV certificate (kindly funded by SQLBI) this should prevent/minimize warnings from SmartScreen
  • Added “Initial Catalog” setting to the Advanced Options in the connection dialog, if you have a very large model or slow connection (like AzureAS or VPN) then you can now choose the initial database you are connected to.
  • Added Roles and IsAdmin properties to Database tooltip
  • #382 Changed “Format Query” to a split-button so that you can choose the style of formatting by clicking on the bottom half of the button
  • Adding Portable build as a download option


  • #378 Power BI External Tools - installer not correctly updating path in daxstudio.pbitools.json file if a non-default install location is used
  • #377 exporting tables with no rows would throw an error
  • #376 autosave not recovering open files for all types of crashes
  • #374 improved tooltip sampling to prevent full column materialization
  • Fixed crash when attempting to export using invalid manual connection string
  • #381 re-connecting to a pbix file that has been closed and re-opened after launching from External Tools does not work

DAX Studio 2.11.2

Published: 13 Jul 2020


  • Adds support for the “External Tools” ribbon in Power BI Desktop


  • #373 Fixes “Define Measure” when connected to a SSAS instance without admin rights
  • #372 Duplicate MyMeasures created when adding more than 1 custom measure in the Query Builder
  • #367 Measure information duplicated in VPAX files
  • Fixed crash when highlighting
  • Fixed crash when closing last tab and connection had been lost

DAX Studio 2.11.1

Published: 17 Jun 2020


  • Filters on datetime columns where we cannot parse the date value now report the error rather than crashing when using the “Edit Query” button
  • #343 Fixed spelling of KEEPFILTERS for IS NOT filters
  • #345 Comma placement changed to match the style used by DaxFormatter
  • #346 / #347 DaxFormatter now works in the Expression Editor
  • #351 error while exporting tables to SQL Server
  • #352 hierarchies in display folders not expanding
  • #357 leading/trailing comments missing when doing “define measure”

DAX Studio 2.11.0

Published: 08 Jun 2020

New Features

  • (Preview) Query Builder
  • (Preview) Query Benchmark
  • #314 Added Quick Access buttons for New, New (with current connection) & Save
  • #277 Added Export button to all trace outputs
  • Added full filename tooltip to tabs (thanks @dmarkle)
  • Promoted View Metrics (Vertipaq Analyzer) from preview status to general availability
  • Promoted Export Data feature from preview status to general availability
  • Documentation Updates:
    • Added license page
    • including a section on SmartScreen issues in Win10 (thanks to Gilbert at fourmoo.com )
  • Updated syntax highlighting to align with DaxFormatter.com
  • Added a note in the Database tooltip that the Database Id can be copied using a right-click
  • Added formatting to shorten asazure: and powerbi: server names in the status bar so that the key information is visible
  • Added a partitions tab to the Model Metrics views
  • Added a sample of any missing keys to the relationships tab in the Model Metrics (these keys are not saved for privacy reasons when exporting to a vpax file)


  • fixed cancelling of exports to SQL Server
  • improved keyboard navigation by adding IsDefault/IsCancel properties to dialog buttons (thanks @dmarkle)
  • fixed an issue with intellisense not re-enabling after reconnecting (thanks @dmarkle)
  • fixed an issue with Query History pane not updating the “Current” Database filter when changing databases
  • disabled external tools when connected to PowerPivot
  • #290 updated all URL references to use https (thanks @warthurton)
  • #291 fixed issue connecting from Excel 2010
  • #301 refined the code completion to prevent it overwriting code when editing in the middle of an expression
  • #302 disabled column re-ordering in Metrics view
  • #303 fixed an issue with the metadata pane when connecting to a model with dynamic format strings defined in calculation groups
  • #308 removed backtick characters in column names with spaces where using the Static Excel output
  • #320 fixed server not found error when exporting vpax file for PowerPivot models
  • #325 fixed error when attempting to connect to PowerPivot files stored on OneDrive
  • #329 fixed incorrect database name shown when launched from the Excel addin and not connected to PowerPivot
  • #330 fixed the status message getting stuck after writing output to a file destination
  • #339 fixed a bug that reported an assembly load error when Cancelling a query

DAX Studio 2.10.2

Published: 20 Jan 2020

This minor update includes a couple of small new features and a few bug and crash fixes.

New Features

  • #274 Adding Editor Word Wrap to options screen
  • #270 Added option to display current user in title bar
  • Added Dax Formatter option to omit spaces after function names


  • fixed crash when selecting PBI / SSDT connection, but not selecting a file
  • fixed crash when running a query that produces no rows and using the Static Excel Output
  • fixed #272 Vertipaq Analyzer not working if any tables have a single quote in the name
  • fixed a number of reported crashes
  • improved a number of background threading calls to use the simpler async/await pattern
  • moved checking for schema changes on activating DAX Studio to a background thread to prevent the UI freezing for slow connections (AAS) or if there are active commit locks.
  • fixed an issue preventing diagnostic logging from working with the Excel addin

DAX Studio 2.10.1

Published: 19 Dec 2019

  • Fixes a bug with Publish DAX Functions

DAX Studio 2.10.0

Published: 19 Dec 2019

New Features

  • #200 Added Database tooltip to show language & compatibility level
  • #195 Added option for using tabs vs spaces for indenting code
  • #188 Added settings to the Options window for a custom delimiter setting when exporting to a file.
  • Added Summary page to the Vertipaq Analyzer view
  • #228 Show an icon if a table is marked as a date table
  • Added buttons to the help ribbon for posting bugs and feature requests
  • Added tooltip to functions
  • #257 Added search box for DMV’s and Functions
  • Added RI Violations information to Vertipaq Analyzer view
  • #181 Added custom key bindings (as a Preview feature)


  • #251 fixed Startup crash “String not recognized as a valid datetime” after changing windows date format
  • #224 Server Timings and Query Plan traces now work with the EffectiveUsername connection string parameter
  • #237 fixed population of UserName field in traces
  • #223 Export Wizard now replaces characters that are not legal in file names with underscores
  • #222 UTF-8 csv exports no longer include BOM characters
  • #218 Vertipaq Analyzer - fixed an issue trying to export a model with a multiple of 50 +1 columns
  • #238 Vertipaq Analyzer - fixed Column Header name for Data Type column
  • Vertipaq Analyzer - fixed not showing any output for certain models #235 #231 #218
  • #213 fixed a bug that was not allowing “DEFINE MEASURE” to work with KPIs
  • #241 fixed File - New creating 2 blank windows (thanks @Mankarse)
  • #226 removed OnDragEnter debug message
  • #255 clicking “swap delimiters” clears the undo stack
  • Format button was not respecting the delimiter setting in the Options page
  • #254 Data Export wizard now excludes tables with no columns (as there is no data to export anyway)
  • Fixed the location and name of the diagnostics log files

DAX Studio 2.9.4

Published: 15 Sep 2019

This release fixes the following issues:

  • Unable to connect to PowerPivot models from Excel Add-in
  • Application crash when double-clicking on DMVs and Functions

And includes all the following items from version 2.9.3

New Features

  • Integrated Vertipaq Analyzer (preview feature)
  • Updated Data Export Wizard (preview feature)
  • #215 Right-click on Database to copy the name
  • #214 Ability to sort on any column in query results
  • #188 Option for custom delimiter when exporting to file


  • #212 Syntax highlighting for WHERE in DMV queries
  • improved load performance for Server Timings, All Queries trace and Power BI Performance data
  • #204 Fixed crashes when doing multi-line pastes
  • #205 ensure TLS 1.2 is used when connecting to DaxFormatter
  • #202 Added tooltip for Load Power BI Performance Data button
  • #201 fix crashes when using ctl-tab to switch tabs, or when undocking tabs
  • #196 fix cancel button being disabled by clear cache and run
  • #199 shift-double-click
  • #198 fixing context menu icons

DAX Studio 2.9.3

Published: 15 Sep 2019

This release includes a number of stability and performance fixes as well as some new and updated preview features (enable these in the advance tab in the options page)

New Features

  • Integrated Vertipaq Analyzer (preview feature)
  • Updated Data Export Wizard (preview feature)
  • #215 Right-click on Database to copy the name
  • #214 Ability to sort on any column in query results
  • #188 Option for custom delimiter when exporting to file


  • #212 Syntax highlighting for WHERE in DMV queries
  • improved load performance for Server Timings, All Queries trace and Power BI Performance data
  • #204 Fixed crashes when doing multi-line pastes
  • #205 ensure TLS 1.2 is used when connecting to DaxFormatter
  • #202 Added tooltip for Load Power BI Performance Data button
  • #201 fix crashes when using ctl-tab to switch tabs, or when undocking tabs
  • #196 fix cancel button being disabled by clear cache and run
  • #199 shift-double-click
  • #198 fixing context menu icons

DAX Studio 2.9.2

Published: 25 Jun 2019

This release fixes the following issues:

  • #189 Fixing issues with loading metadata
    • Hierarchies in folders were causing an infinite loop
    • Certain combinations of folder names with and with out spaces were causing partial loading of metadata
  • #193 A warning message box is now displayed when attempting to open a file from the recent files list that has been deleted, renamed or moved.

Minor Enhancements:

  • #192 Folders are now sorted first by default in the metadata pane (you can switch back to the old pure alphabetical behaviour using an option in File -> Options)
  • #185 Added Visual Name to the header comment when copying query from PowerBI performance data to the query window
  • Metadata loading performance has been improved by upto 6x

DAX Studio 2.9.1

Published: 04 Jun 2019

Fixing #184 where Display Folders were not displaying in Power BI Desktop

DAX Studio 2.9.0

Published: 02 Jun 2019

New Features

  • Import Power BI Performance Data
  • Support for Display Folders in the Metadata pane #127
  • Added options to enable/disable the automatic metadata refresh by connection type (local/network/cloud) #182
  • Option to hide hidden objects in the metadata pane #167 (can also be toggled from right-click menu)
  • PowerBI auto-date template and variation tables (as these can’t be directly queried)
  • Option for metdata search to be pinned open #151
  • Option to increase width of intellisense window #152
  • Adding show referenced objects option on metadata right-click (thanks @DaveStabilify) #144
  • Option for setting ‘Clear Cache and Run’ as the default run style #86

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes #175 - Handling of quotes in csv export
  • Fixes #177 - Scrollbars not displayed in recent files list
  • Fixes #180 - error when tracing connections using Roles=
  • Fixed a bug where changing connections did not always update the selected database
  • Fixed issues with crash recovery of unsaved changes


  • Refactored unit tests and ADOTabular dll to allow unit tests to be run automatically during appveyor builds
  • Adding Database Name column to all traces to work with the new Power BI XMLA endpoint
  • Updating AMO/ADOMD library references

DAX Studio 2.8.4

Published: 31 Mar 2019


  • Includes a workaround for an issue in the Power BI XMLA endpoint which prevents Timing/Query Plan traces from starting
  • Moved the display of aggregate rewrite events in the All Queries trace out of preview status.

Fixes the following issues:

  • #169 display Table description in metadata pane tooltips
  • #171 Quoting all text fields when exporting to CSV
  • #166 Fixing paste behaviour when pasting over selected text
  • Fixes incorrect font units of scale. font sizes will appear slightly larger as previously fonts size were implemented in pixels (96 per inch) instead of points (72 per inch)

DAX Studio 2.8.3

Published: 12 Mar 2019

  • Fixes #124 often not able to connect to Direct Query models in Power BI Desktop
  • Prevents Power BI getting stuck at “loading…” if Power BI has a dialog window open
  • Fixes #157 showing metadata for wrong database on initial connection
  • Fixes #147 external tools preview feature being displayed incorrectly
  • prevent crash when trying to display tooltips under certain edge conditions
  • Merged #156 improved error trapping for data export (thanks @albertospelta )

DAX Studio 2.8.2

Published: 03 Feb 2019

  • Fixes #134 Code Completion not correct when table names have underscores
  • Fixes #135 Parameter dialog incorrectly triggered by @ character inside strings
  • Fixes #138 Where SQL Profiler button was incorrectly enabled
  • Fixes #137 “Define All Measures” option incorrectly shown when right-clicking on Measure
  • Scanning for Power BI instances in connection dialog moved to a background thread

DAX Studio 2.8.1

Published: 22 Jan 2019

Includes all the features from 2.8.0 along with the following fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when launching DAX Studio by double-clicking on a .dax file (related to a race condition that only occurs in release builds) - thanks to @speschl for reporting the cause of this issue
  • Fixed a crash when opening a file after closing all other windows (related to the issue above)
  • Attempted to fix a random crash when clicking on various tabs - this appear so to be related to this issue in AvalonDock 3.4 so we’ve rolled back to AvalonDock 3.3

DAX Studio 2.8.0

Published: 21 Jan 2019

New Features:

  • Filter Dump Measure – right-clicking a table in the metadata pane can generate a measure that returns a string describing the active filter context in a table or in all the tables. The DAX measure generated should be copied in a Tabular model to display the filter context in a report tooltip for debugging purposes.
  • Define All Measures – right-clicking a table in the metadata pane can generate the definition of all the measures defined in a table or in all the tables.
  • Parameter UI - if your query contains @parameters you will be prompted for the parameter values
  • Auto-Save - if DAX Studio was not shutdown cleanly it will offer to recover the files that were open
  • Goto Line - ctrl+G lets you jump to a specified line number
  • Updated Data Provider libraries for connecting to Azure AS, PowerBI.com and Power BI Desktop
  • Support for Power BI Aggregation events in ServerTimings and AllQueries traces
  • Digitally Signed - the installer, Excel Addin and Standalone executable are all now digitally signed
  • Option to zoom results grid with query text (useful for when presenting)
  • Optimized tracing of Direct Query for newer engine sources (which now support filtering these trace events by session id)
  • Added links to dax.guide into function tooltips in code completion window
  • Option to set results grid font size
  • Added hotkey Ctrl-Shift-N to open a new query with the same connection as the current window


  • connecting to PowerPivot models with a single quote characters (‘) in the file name
  • defaulting Find/Replace text from the current selected text in the editor
  • added VAR & RETURN to the code completion keywords
  • fixed default file format to use UTF-8 (but you an still open both UCS2 or UTF-8 files)
  • fix for mis-reported line numbers for errors with DaxFormatter.com
  • fix to properly increment file names when exporting multiple resultsets to csv
  • numerous stability fixes as a result of reported issues and crash reports including:
    • fixed the formatting of the file name when saving multiple query results to a file in a single batch
    • fixed crash when resizing DAX Studio to a very narrow width
    • fixed crash when dragging metadata to editor while intellisense window was open
    • fixed crash when querying a table with the ^ character in a column name
    • fixed crash when clicking save when no document is open
    • fixed occassional crashes when copying & pasting (work around for .Net issue)
    • fixed numerous crashes when clicking ribbon buttons after closing all query windows

DAX Studio 2.7.4

Published: 20 Feb 2018

Fixes an issue with the clear cache button not working

DAX Studio 2.7.3

Published: 18 Feb 2018

Minor update to fix connectivity issues with SSAS 2012

DAX Studio 2.7.2

Published: 12 Feb 2018

This release includes a number of small enhancements and fixes including the following:

  • Enhancement: Allowing “Unlimited” Dataset sizes from PowerPivot – previously results were buffered through an internal memory structure that had a 2Gb limit which resulted in most typical queries failing at around the 2 million row mark. We’ve now implemented a new streaming interface which removes this limit and have run tests exporting over 6 million records and creating a 6Gb csv file.
  • Fix: Default Separators so that the option run queries with non-US separators is used correctly when set in the Options screen
  • Fix: Tracing Query Plans for PowerPivot
  • Fix: Setting Focus to the Find box after typing Ctrl-F
  • Fix: “Linked Excel” output when connected to an Analysis Services Multi-Dimensional cube so that it always includes Cube=[CubeName] in the connection string
  • Fix: Crash in “Define and Expand Measure” when run against a Power BI model with a measure with the same name as one of the column names

In addition to the above specific issues that have been fixed numerous stability enhancements have been added as a result of crash reports that have been logged. Thanks to those of you that have submitted these reports when the program crashes, specially those of you that have taken the extra time to note down some extra information about what you were doing when the crash occurred. With some of the crash reports it’s easy to figure out what happened from the stack trace and screen shot, but in other cases it’s quite difficult. We have also seen some reports that appear to be from .Net faults or issues in some of the third party libraries that we are using.

DAX Studio 2.7.1

Published: 16 Oct 2017

A minor update with the following fixes

  • Updated Power BI Desktop detection to work with the new Windows App version
  • improved xmSQL formatting
  • Fixes for some reported crashes

DAX Studio 2.7.0

Published: 01 Oct 2017

This release adds the following new features:

  • All Queries trace - allows for the capturing of queries from all clients connected to the same data source
  • AS Azure support - there was a conflict between the Azure authentication dialog and our connection dialog which has now been resolved.
  • Enhanced tooltips - Column tooltips now display min/max/distinct count of values plus a random sample of 10 values (this can be turned off in the options)
  • Added support for opening .msdax files generated by SSMS
  • Added support for excluding column headers when copying from the results pane
  • Added Define dependent measures options when right-clicking on a measure
  • Added CrashReporter.Net support, which allows for the submission of application crash reports that will allow us to fix the root causes of these issues.
  • Publish / Export Functions - we are working on a public web site that will show compatibility of functions across different versions of products using DAX
  • Added installer support for the SQL 2017 versions of AMO and ADOMD – if you have both of these the installer should no longer insist on downloading the 2016 versions of these libraries.

And includes the following bug fixes:

  • Excel add-in not launching the User Interface for some users
  • fixed crash when right clicking on Query History
  • fixed issues when attempting to change the connection of query window
  • fixing output of time portion of datetime columns when exporting to csv
  • fixed a bug where table list sometimes did not update after changing the connection
  • fixed missing define measure option for hidden measures

DAX Studio 2.6.0

Published: 21 Dec 2016

Note: this is a re-publishing of the release from daxstudio.codeplex.com

New Features

  • Added support for multiple result sets (works for Power BI Desktop and SSAS 2016)
  • Changed Connection dialog so that connection types that are unavailable are just disabled instead of being hidden.
  • Added the ability to connect to SSDT Integrated Workspaces.
  • Added a link to the dowload page from Help - About when a newer version is available.
  • Added parsing of record counts in Server Timings for SQL 2016 / Power BI Desktop.
  • Improved metadata search performance and the search box now stays open when it has keyboard focus. *When querying measures the Formatting from the data model is now applied


  • Fixed an issue where Query Plans and Server Timings would not start when connected PowerPivot.
  • Fixed an error when using the locale setting in the connection dialog
  • Fixed an issue with hidden animations running causing background CPU usage even when the app was idle.
  • Fixed crashes when refreshing metadata (also affects the automatic refresh when switching back to DAX Studio after editing your model).
  • Fixed PowerPivot connections so that they stay connected when you open another Excel file.
  • Fixed blank column headers in the results when running DMV queries
  • Fixed file outputs, csv and tab had been switched