This release adds the following new features:

  • All Queries trace - allows for the capturing of queries from all clients connected to the same data source
  • AS Azure support - there was a conflict between the Azure authentication dialog and our connection dialog which has now been resolved.
  • Enhanced tooltips - Column tooltips now display min/max/distinct count of values plus a random sample of 10 values (this can be turned off in the options)
  • Added support for excluding column headers when copying from the results pane
  • Added Define dependent measures options when right-clicking on a measure
  • Added CrashReporter.Net support, which allows for the submission of application crash reports that will allow us to fix the root causes of these issues.
  • Publish / Export Functions - we are working on a public web site that will show compatibility of functions across different versions of products using DAX

And includes the following bug fixes:

  • Excel add-in not launching the User Interface for some users
  • fixed crash when right clicking on Query History
  • fixed issues when attempting to change the connection of query window