Ribbon Interface

Main Ribbon

The main ribbon contains commands for running queries, connecting to data sources and activating traces

  • Run - will start a query, while a query is running the run button will be disabled until the query finishes (or is cancelled
  • Stop - cancels a running query, this button is only enabled while a query is running.
  • Clear Cache - will clear the cache on a SSAS server, requires admin rights and the button will be disabled if the user does not have them. This button also runs a simple query in order to force the MDX/DAX script to be evaluated.
  • Output - lets you select the output modes for your queries
  • Cut/Copy/Paste - standard clipboard actions
  • Connect - lets you change the current connection details
  • Database - allows for the selection of the database to query
  • Traces (only available if the user is a server admin)
    • Query Plan - shows the DAX logical/physical query plan text
    • Server Timings - shows basic server side timing information

      Format Ribbon

      The format ribbon contains utility commands that allow you to alter the current query

  • To Upper - converts the selected text to uppercase
  • To Lower - converts the selected text to lowercase
  • Comment - comments the selected line(s)
  • Uncomment - uncomments the selected line(s)
  • Undo - undoes the previous edits
  • Redo - redoes any edits that were undone
  • Merge Parameters - takes a selected query with an XML parameter block (most likely captured from a profiler trace) and puts the parameter values into the query text. Note: you can also just run the query and the parameters will be inserted at run time without having to alter the actual query text

Help Ribbon

The help ribbon contains links to MSDN forums and to this wiki

  • Links - provide easy access to the relevant web pages
  • About - displays version information