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DAX Studio

The ultimate tool for working with DAX queries

Download the latest release of DAX Studio here:


 Size: 9.9 MB |  21-Nov-2023 | downloads: 0

Size: 17 MB |  21-Nov-2023 | downloads: 0

DAX Studio can also be installed using the following package managers: [chocolatey | winget]

The details of the new features and fixes included in this release are available in the changelog

Easy to Use

DAX Studio was designed with a clean, modern user interface that supports both a light and dark mode and provides rich metadata about your data model.

Connect to any data model

DAX Studio can connect to all the different 'flavours' of tabular models PowerPivot for Excel, Power BI Desktop, Azure Analysis Services and Power BI Premium XMLA endpoints

Powerful performance tuning tools

You can use features like Server Timings, View Metric and Benchmarking to profile and understand the performance of your DAX code